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A short paragraph carefully crafted to show just the right amount of personality, demonstrating humour and self-awareness.

Serious shit

I am a senior graphic designer with over 5 years experience, and my work focuses on brand identity, process and visual language.

The most rewarding aspect of working in branding is the ability to create worlds that people want to engage with and be a part of. I want to help foster the environment of collaboration and discovery that allows these worlds to evolve and grow, and become filled with the stories, personalities and visual languages.

As a leader and member of a creative team I hope to produce simple, bold and flexible design solutions in answer to real problems, and do it all in a way that is fun and adventurous for everyone involved in the process.

I am proud that my work has won awards and produced great results for clients. My level of responsibility has grown with my experience, I've worked within many different disciplines, and I now regularly take client-facing roles, lead projects, and mentor juniors. I hope to bring ideas and inspiration to any studio or agency, and want to be a big part of any team I work with.

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Discover what teams I support and avoid my crappy punk music over on Twitter, put yourself off working with me by checking out my scribbles on Instagram, and visit my Linkedin for a full summary of my work experience and achievements to date.